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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Heat Pax™ generate heat?
  • Heat Pax™ Warmers are filled with a mixture of ingredients, including iron powder, which oxidizes when exposed to air.  This reaction produces a powerful exothermic reaction resulting in heat.

How long do the Heat Pax™ last?

  • Heat Pax™ Body Warmers ... 24+ plus hours
  • Heat Pax™ Mini/Hand Warmers ... 8+ hours
  • Heat Pax™ Adhesive Toe Warmers ... 6+ hours

Can Heat Pax™ warmers be re-used?

  • You can stop Heat Pax™ warmers at any time and reuse them at a later time by sealing them off from the oxygen in the air (i.e. plastic container or airtight bag). They are discarded with normal trash when completely consumed.

How do I get Heat Pax™ warmers to start working?

  • Simply tear open the package and place the warmer in the designated pocket or shoe.  The Heat Pax™ warmer will reach maximum temperature within 15 minutes.

Are Heat Pax™ warmers safe?

  • Yes ... refer to the activation instructions on the back of each unit for detailed information about the safe use of this product.

How do I use Heat Pax™ warmers to stay warm?

  • Heat Pax™ warmers can be used on their own or in conjunction with ThermaFur™ apparel.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our line of ThermaFur™ products.

What other personal warming products are offered by TechNiche International?

  • IonGear Battery Powered Warming apparel is another way to beat the winter cold.  We offer wireless insoles, vests, jackets and gloves all powered by uniquely designed battery systems.

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